Voice of customer

A strong Voice of Customer program establishes clarity for how and when to take action.


With an effective Voice Of Customer strategy in place, you’re able to create more value and grow the business by ensuring you’re measuring and investing in the most impactful improvements. Customer acquisition costs lower, while loyalty and advocacy improves.

What It Is

Collecting customer feedback isn’t enough these days. To consistently deliver great value, you need systems that not only capture customer experience and preferences at key stages, but also establish clarity for how and when to take action. 

A strong Voice Of Customer (VOC) program can do that for you.

Done right, it can be an effective way to cultivate a customer-centric culture that makes informed investments in customer experience. Done wrong, however, and it can become a costly burden that provides few, if any, useful insights.


First, we establish an approach to harness customer data that is both comprehensive and targeted. We start with the customer journey and, using that as the blueprint, design an effective, multi-channel “listening” strategy across the customer lifecycle. 

But getting the right data is only half the job.

That’s why we also work with you to ensure that “listening” information is converted into easily-understood and actionable insights for your team. When that happens, better sales and support decisions are made, better ideas are sparked, and better product and service innovations are created.

Projects may include:

  • VOC strategy to aggregate top feedback channels such as product usage metrics, customer surveys, in-product technologies, and frontline customer engagements.
  • Net Promoter System (NPS) program development or NPS program health check.
  • Custom research to generate customer experience insights and recommendations and guide organizational priorities or investments.