PRIVATE EVENTS or Conferences

Do you have an audience who plays a pivotal role
in creating and sustaining business growth within your company? 


Then, chances are, they want to learn more about Customer Experience (CX). Customer Experience is all about creating systems that maximize customer delight, leading directly to more sales, greater retention, and better product and service innovations.

In her presentations, Melinda takes the mystery out of Customer Experience and shows audiences practical strategies and the latest best practices — vividly illustrated by stories, cases and examples.


Audiences appreciate her many years of in-the-trenches experience,  her commitment to sharing her insights with audiences, and her dedication to helping companies create amazing customer experiences as a path to profitability and success.

While Melinda speaks on a variety of business growth topics, she generally offers talks on the three components of optimizing the customer experience she knows the most about:

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Customer Success Strategy

  • Voice Of The Customer

  • Integration of Customer Experience and Customer Success


MGCX Advisors also offers customized journey mapping workshops to help groups understand how to get started with Customer Journey Mapping techniques. These workshops build organizational expertise in linking CX methods to Customer Success strategy and engagement.  

To ensure your audience gets the most of Melinda’s talk, she takes the time to customize her presentation to their needs and interests. As a result, your group walks away with the insights they need to begin, or improve, a winning Customer Experience strategy.


Past Speaking Engagements



Does your audience or group want to learn more about how they can leverage the latest
best practices in Customer Experience?

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